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Steve Binnie was born, through no fault of his own, in the period when Amazing Grace by the Pipes & Drums and Military Band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards was number 1, a trauma from which he has never quite recovered. The seeds of his literary career were sown when, at the tender age of seven, he received perhaps the ultimate accolade – the joke he sent to The Beano was chosen as “Joke Of The Week”.

Having comprehensively failed to become a rich and successful rock star, Steve was bitten by the Internet bug in the late 1990s and, after a course of painful injections, began writing for h2g2, Douglas Adams’ attempt to create an Earth edition of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Rightly supposing that his real name wasn’t exciting enough for such an august publication, Steve adopted the persona of (Dr) E Vibenstein, an anagram of his real name suggested by no less a personage than former Felt guitarist John Mohan. (Sadly the best anagram of John Mohan’s name anyone could come up with was “No ham, John.”) Between 1999 and 2006 Dr E Vibenstein wrote twenty-five official Guide Entries for h2g2, mainly on ’80s music and comedy. Some of these articles will be updated, amended, messed about with and republished on this site in due course, along with articles written for other outlets and, gosh, even some new ones.

Steve’s main area of knowledge, nay, expertise, nay, unrelenting smartarsery is 1980s music; he runs a website called The Sound Of The Crowd and is willing to pontificate at great length about pretty much anything that happened in that decade, although he is also quite happy to sound off about other forms of popular music, as well as F1 racing and snooker. He is married with a kid (“when you could be having fun with me,” laments Terry Hall), lives in East Lothian, and still hates Amazing Grace by the Pipes & Drums and Military Band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

Twitter: @evibenstein
God’s Jukebox: EVibenstein
Email: hello@stevebinnie.me.uk

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