Do They Know It’s Cobblers?

Do They Know It's Only £1.49?

Oh look, more ill-informed, patronising, manipulative horseshit from Bob Geldof. Apparently just buying the new Band Aid single isn’t enough, now he wants you to keep buying it over and over again.

“In 1984 a single was £3.50, today it’s 99p…That worries me.”

Three and a half quid for a single? In 1984? Where was he buying them, Harrods?

Two points worth mentioning here, I think. Firstly, singles were nowhere near that expensive in 1984. Come on, you could buy an album for only a pound more than that. A 7″ single in late 1984 would have been around the £1.29 – £1.49 mark; a 12″ more like £1.99 – £2.49. Secondly, even if we assume Geldof’s over-inflated £3.50 figure related to the price of a 12″, the only fair comparison would be to the cost of the Band Aid 30 CD single, which will cost £3.99. It’s almost as if Geldof is spouting meaningless figures in an attempt to emotionally blackmail you into giving more money. As if.

Handy hint: you can donate as much as you like to the Red Cross Ebola appeal without having to repeatedly download the single to massage Geldof’s ego. Here’s the link.

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